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Travel ideas

Travel ideas

How about a weekend escape in one of these popular rentals in the USA?

These times an online experience might be a better fit.

(Disclaimer: I am an Airbnb Associate, I earn if you are to book through this link.)

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10 Newest Photography WordPress Themes

10 Newest Photography WordPress Themes

It has never been so easy to create a personal portfolio as nowadays. Creating a photography website to show off your skills and works can be done in a couple of hours. Photography WordPress Themes are solutions to help you in this. These ready-made templates are available for a photographer of any level – from an aspiring blogger to a professional studio photographer. Today we are going to find out what attracts so many people to this solution.

Advantages of WordPress

WordPress Themes are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. The reasons for such popularity are as follows:

  • Easy to use content management system. WordPress has been developed for beginners without any coding knowledge. It provides security and incredible ease of use.
  • Flexible structure. These solutions can satisfy any taste and are easily changed to suit your needs. WordPress templates are user-friendly and extremely easy to install. It is very simple to add your own content and keep the information up to date yourself. In addition, themes are well-documented and you install the theme following step-by-step instruction.
  • Affordable price for great quality. The good news is that you see what you buy and the price is much lower compared to a custom site. The great combination of useful functions and great visual appeal cost about a hundred dollars and let you save about a thousand. Isn’t that fantastic?
  • Responsive design. It guarantees the perfect view of your site on any screens of any devices. Responsive design makes your website really mobile-friendly.

Why WordPress templates are excellent solution for photographers?

WP templates combine an eye-catching design and a powerful functionality. A website serves as a professional portfolio and displays works in the most favorable light thanks to stunning galleries and a wide slider on the landing page. The most refined style and clean layouts let visitors focus on the works without distraction. A lot of thought went into the design of the templates and they grab the visitors’ attention, retain it and guarantee unforgettable visual experience.

WordPress templates are flexible enough to be adapted specially for a photographer’s purposes and vision. Such flexibility guarantees that your site will be one of a kind as a result of customization. Even if a template is purchased by different customers, a set of advanced tools lets change the style and layout of a site beyond recognition. Moreover, getting hands-on the website design allows to show off your designer skills and expose your personality.

Most of the templates are equipped with Cherry Plugins to help photographers showcase their services and projects. They go with a set of pre-designed pages and layout variations to find own style while customizing.

We hope that today’s showcase of 10 newest Photography WordPress Themes will tell you more about the themes benefits and inspire of creating a unique and thriving website.

FrameMe – Photography Studio WordPress Theme

This clean tender design let your visitors focus solely on your works without any distractions. The theme includes a pack of stylish pages for all purposes of your portfolio, and a powerful page-builder allows creating new ones without any effort. The theme goes with free thematic images, an amazing Booked appointment plugin, and accurate documentation to facilitate your work.

FrameMe - Photography Studio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Ramsay – Multi-Conceptual Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

This functional theme with a delicate design can make a perfect portfolio for a photographer supplied with an immersive blog. The revolution slider will easily catch your visitors’ attention and showcase the best works. The theme is fully responsive, easily installed and open to refurnishment with Visual editor.

Ramsay - Multi-Conceptual Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Primrose – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

This extraordinary elegant template can be anything depending on your needs, and turning it into a professional photographer’s portfolio is like rubbing the lamp. The theme goes with a stunning flexible gallery, 5 stunning homepages, and infinite possibilities to change the design with Live Page Builder. It goes with one-click installation, bonus modules to extend the functionality and hundreds of fonts and icons.

Primrose - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Art – Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

If you want to stand out in a crowd, this minimal design will do all the work for your portfolio. The template is translation ready, has user-friendly navigation and social widgets, which will let win any audience all over the world. The Unlimited Color Presets, Powerful Theme Options, multiple icons and 700+ Google Fonts Included will help you adapt the design to your purposes.

Art - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Shootz – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

This responsive vibrant theme with free high-quality images will look gorgeous on any screen and within any browser. It goes with beautifully crafted content blocks for presenting your services, works, subscription, blog, and testimonials. Using the latest page builder and the live customizer tool you will create more stunning pages to place all the content you need.

Shootz - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Oriana – Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

If you want to have a stylish website to represent your services as a photographer, use this fully responsive theme with an awesome minimal design. With nothing in excess it will greatly improve your online presence and due to high load speed and SEO-optimization will be noticeable in the search results. It is easy to customize, and goes with social networking support, thorough documentation and can be installed with just one click.

Oriana - Minimal Portfolio & Photography WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Raymond Jones – Photographer Portfolio Landing Page WordPress Theme

Use the benefits of this fully adjustable theme with a glaring appearance and well-knit one-page structure. The theme boasts an intuitive interface with blogging support with different layouts, footers, and headers. The powerful plugin for web building allows creating a fully-fledged fast-performing site to your demand without any programming skills.

Raymond Jones - Photographer Portfolio Landing Page WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Performance Portraits Photography WordPress Theme

Enjoy the perfect solution for creative professionals and launch your own unique website with this SEO-friendly template. The versatile, well-designed pages will tick all the boxes and the high functionality of this theme will suit any photographer’s needs. The theme has the advantage of fast response rate, popular plugins including languages support and e-commerce, MailChimp subscription and social integration.

Performance Portraits Photography WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

PClick Photography WordPress Theme

Create a great portfolio website with this modern responsive theme that is provided by the support of the most useful plugins. It goes with an amazing Revolution Slider to showcase your major works on homepage and filterable galleries which your visitors will find easy to view. The flexible layout and tons of fonts, theme options, and widgets let you diversify your website and create one of a kind.

PClick Photography WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Flashing – Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

This responsive theme with immaculate glamorous design and creative tools will suit a photographer of any level. You are free to configure the style, layouts, menu, headers, footers, Google Fonts, and create new pages in an easy drag and drop way. The theme goes with a helpful support to solve any problems and a detailed documentation to facilitate the process of installation and customizing.

Flashing - Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

As you can see, all you need to create a unique photo project is right in front of you. Any template will perform faultlessly and make a perfect online portfolio. You can create a fully-functional website and work on its design infinitely until the result satisfies your needs. For further awareness, we recommend you to click demo to see all the infinite possibilities of each WordPress theme. We hope that such browsing experience will deliver you more inspiration to think of your own photography portfolio.

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Internet Marketing

How To Design an eBay Store [Tutorial for Dummies]

If you are planning to launch an eBay store, you have surely browsed lots of the ready-made resources with custom designs. We bet you are wondering how did they do that. Did you try to search for the answers to your questions? What info did you find? A number of sites trying to fish out hundreds of bucks from you for a design?

How To Design an eBay Store
Photo by Mathieu Turle on Unsplash

No worries, you can design a store yourself and you don’t need to know coding for that. This guide is going to provide you with all steps of creating your own custom store design.

What you’ll need first is an active eBay store with full access to it. You will also need a server to host a .CSS file on.

BeautyZone EBay Template

BeautyZone EBay Template

Details |  Demo

Now it’s time to start setting up your eBay store from the very beginning.

Click this link to look through some good ideas on how to create a beautiful store.

Use “Quick Store Setup” option for the purpose to set up your eBay store. When everything is ready, you can begin to Manage your store. Do this by logging into your eBay summary, scroll down and click “Manage my Store” on the left navigation bar.

You will get to the page where you will be able to edit your store and add features. We guess you will want to add some categories to your store at first turn. You can create up to 300 different store categories for your brand new eBay store. That is, you don’t need to worry about making too many of them. Add as many categories and subcategories as you need/want. You can easily create categories by clicking “Store Categories” on the left navigation.

Now click the ‘Add Category’ button and create your category. Give it an appropriate name. You can create 5 categories at a time.

Once your 5 categories are ready, you can either add more or click a particular category link to access it and create sub-categories inside.

When you create all your categories, move on to the next step. Can’t think of a particular one? Don’t worry. You can come back to it at any moment and add/remove categories.

Display settings

Now we are going to proceed with editing your Display Settings.

Use Display Settings to add a title to your store, view your store URL or change it, edit your Store Logo, and Add/Edit your Store Description.

Store Name

Your store name should include the product you sell. For instance: World of Warcraft TCG – loot cards, spectral tiger etc.

Store Logo

Choose a logo from your PC if you have it there, enter a URL, or choose a basic eBay one. Your store logo size must be 310×90 pixels.

Store Description

Don’t post such kind of messages: “Welcome to our store, we hope you’ll enjoy your visit”. Be concise, clearly state what you sell and use keywords for the items you sell. This will help with your search engine rankings on sites like Google, Yahoo, and others. If the keywords are mentioned properly, this could lead your potential customers to all of your items.

Theme and display

The Theme and Display section allows you to edit your store theme, edit Left Navigation Bar settings, and make changes to the Store Header Display. You can change the way items are listed on your homepage as well.

Store Theme

Choose one of the best eBay templates from eBay or another depository. You may just leave customizing a theme and create a custom one later. In fact, this section doesn’t really matter. Just choose something that looks attractive and matches the colors of your items.

Home Furnishing EBay Template

Home Furnishing EBay Template

Details |  Demo

Left nav bar settings

Select to show your Search Box, choose which categories to show, and choose to show Store Pages and Buyer Display options.

Store Header Display

Turn on the Store Page Header and turn it off if you are going to create a custom store. Choose which type of eBay header you would like to display. Please note that you can only change this having a premium store.

Item Display

Choose whether you want to show your items on your store as a list, or in a Gallery View. We recommend gallery view because it looks like an online store. And it’s just aesthetically appealing.

Promotion boxes

You need Promotion Boxes to place small pieces of information here and there on your store. The info may include sales and special offers promos. You can also use Promotion Boxes for creating slideshows of items you are currently selling. Moreover, you can create Countdown Timers for the items that are ending in stock.

Custom pages or the start of the custom design

Supposing you have created your store. It looks nice, the colors are eye-pleasing. Then you will see other shops that are fully self-designed, have header displays, animations, and more. Now you really wish you could also have such kind of store. In fact, anyone can design the store they want, but not everyone knows how to embed it into eBay.

Well, you can do it this way.

You need to have HTML code ready. It must include images, your design, and a .CSS file. Don’t have a CSS file? Scroll down to the relevant section and read about that because it is required to create a decent storefront.

We will start with the Header

When your Header image is uploaded to your file server, or a site like Photobucket, Imageshack, or Tinypic, and your HTML code is ready, go to Manage My Store > Display Settings > Theme and Display > Store Header Display. Click the “Change” link.

Click the Radio button “Yes, include additional information in the header” and then enter your HTML code. Save your changes.

Now you will see that you have 2 Headers Displaying: your custom header and the normal eBay header. Disable the normal eBay header if you want only custom one to be displayed. You can do this by taking the following steps:

  • Go to Display Settings
  • Go to Theme and Display
  • Go to Store Theme
  • Click “Change to another theme”
  • Go to Easily Customizable themes, and select the “Custom Header only” theme
  • Choose your colors
  • Save settings.

After these manipulations, this header will appear on all store pages, including your About Me Page

Main page – custom items list

Now we are going to edit the Body area. This is how you will create your main storefront, fully customized and designed.

Please carefully follow these steps:

  • Click “Custom Pages” on the Left Navigation
  • Click “Create New Page”
  • On the next page, select “Text Section”
  • Name the page (same as Shop Title recommended, as this will become your main page)

It’s time to enter your HTML for the page now. Do you remember that this guide assumes you already have the designs and code?

At this point, some of you may have problems. Below you will find some tips and info to help you out.

Be careful when adding your designs. Most merchants use CSS for their stores, therefore we will guide you in that way.

Search bar

You will surely need to add your search bar to your custom page to enable people to search your items. You can do this by entering the relevant code in your custom page and editing the text, which is Bold, to your own store information. Please also remove the spaces between the opening and closing signs. This is necessary to prevent the code execution and displaying a search bar.

Next you will want to make the page load the CSS from an external file. This is because eBay does not allow you to host a CSS file, and it needs to be loaded elsewhere. This can be done with the code as well.

If you are not sure what CSS File to add, or what to include in your CSS file, check out this link, it may turn out to be useful.

You will now want to add other pieces of code, which allow displaying certain things.

Here are some useful exclusive eBay codes.

{eBayUserID} – this displays your User ID, feedback, and links to your Me page.

{eBayFeedback} – this displays your Feedback.

{eBayStoresItemList DISPLAY=”n”} – this displays your items. Replace N with 0 for List view, and 1 for Gallery View.

{eBayStoresItemList TABLEWIDTH=”n”} – replace N with a value 10-100 to choose your store width. Recommended numbers are from 60 to 100.

Navigation bar (sidebar)

Navigation Bar is next on our list. You can do this by creating a Promotion Box and then remove the original Sidebar.

Here are the steps to follow to create your navigation bar:

  • Go to “Promotion Boxes”
  • Click “Create New Promotion Box”
  • Choose Communicate to your Buyers.
  • On the next page, choose “Left Navigation – Upper”
  • Enter your code, making sure to align the navigation bar correctly with your header and body areas.
  • Make sure you do Text Links instead of images so that Search Engines have more keywords to play with.
  • Click Save.

Now you need to delete the default navigation. In other words, to stop displaying both navigation bars on your store.

You can do this the following way:

  • Go to Store Design
  • Go to Display Settings
  • Go to Theme and Display
  • Click Left Navigation Boxes
  • Click the “Change” link.
  • Uncheck all the components, and save.

Now you can create additional pages like FAQ following the steps above, and choosing FAQ instead of the Text area.

To make your new custom page your Storefront main page, go to Custom Pages, and select which one you want to display as your Homepage on the drop down menu.

Your turn

We hope this tutorial was useful for you and now you know how to design an eBay store. Have any questions/thoughts/additions to it? Please leave them in the comments section. Are you ready to share your experience of designing an eBay store? Your success stories are also welcome.

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Top 7 WordPress Themes For Professionals

Top 7 WordPress Themes For Professionals

Pre-made solutions became popular these days because of their user-friendly interface and high-functional range. The thing is the ready-made website templates allow you to save lots of time while launching a site. Moreover, you can also save some money, because the prices for the pre-made solutions are pretty sweet. However, it doesn’t mean that their functionality is low as well. We would recommend you to follow the plot to find out how these 7 best WordPress theme for professionals can help you to develop yourself and your biz in general.

In fact, a lot of entrepreneurs prefer ready-made solutions. Modern website templates have a great design and an advanced functionality. To say more, they come with lots of stunning features that allow you to enrich the website’s functionality.

Moreover, WordPress themes are one of the most user-friendly and easy-to-use. Thus, whether you looking for the WordPress themes for recruitment agencies, or for the online CV WordPress themes, it will take you no effort to use them. Usually, WordPress themes come with a Live Customizer and a Power Page Builder. These features will help you to carry the theme as easy as never before. Thus, there is no need to have programming knowledge or coding skills. Everything is pretty intuitive and understandable.

As you can see, WordPress is a great content management system to build your site on. So, let’s take a closer look at these top 7 WordPress themes for professionals.

Startup Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Startup Company WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Would you like to launch a startup company website? Well, take a closer look at this fully responsive WordPress theme that will help you to make your dreams come true! Its eye-catchy design allows you to capture the target audience, and, thus, to improve your income in times. Moreover, you can showcase the best projects and top-notch services in a stylish gallery. Click the demo button to check all its potential!

DreamRunner – Business WordPress Theme

Business Bureau WordPress Template

Details |  Demo

This catchy business bureau WordPress theme was built to make life much easier. This theme is pre-loaded with an Elementor – modern Power Page Builder. Thanks to Elementor you can easily manage the theme, and there is no need to have coding skills. Furthermore, the theme has a great documentation. Thus, you can get to know all the processes at a glance!

Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Job Portal Template

Details |  Demo

Looking for a bright and memorable WordPress theme to create a stunning job portal site? Pay much attention to this impressive WordPress theme with a sleek design and an advanced functionality. It comes with a rich choice of pre-made pages for all the purposes. In addition, there are lots of marvelous page’s and blog’s layouts to spice up your website’s design. By the way, a pre-loaded blog allows you to share some cool stories and prime news with your readers.

Translation Agency Fully Responsive WordPress Theme

Translation Agency WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Looking for a WordPress theme for translation agency? Take a look at this mobile-friendly WordPress theme with a sleek design. There are so many features that will help you to stand out with your business. For example, a wide range of content modules allows you to add a various content type to your web page. Thus, you have an opportunity to enrich the functionality of your site. Moreover, there are also a lot of custom widgets that allow you to build a stronger online presence.

Olins – Multiniche Responsive WordPress Theme

Olins Multi Niche WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Olins is a clean and well-structured WordPress theme that will fit multi niches sites. Whether you carry a photography, animal-related, business, or personal CV site. Its great design and fully customizable nature allow you to create a unique site whatever your niche is. This theme has a built-in blog, which allows you to share some interesting stories with the audience.

Minimal WordPress Theme

Chela - A Minimal Agency WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

This theme has a minimal and clean design, which will help you to emphasize your services, products, and content in general. In addition, you can highlight the best works and projects in a classy portfolio. Meanwhile, a contact form allows clients to contact you in case they need some more info about your services. No doubts, this theme is a great eco-system that will help you to build a successful career.

Online CV Fully Responsive WordPress Theme

Online CV WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

This WordPress theme for resume is a great solution to represent your skills from the best side. Its catchy and sleek design will help you to emphasize the content. Meanwhile, a social integration allows followers to tell the whole world about your site and your skills in general. In addition, this theme is crossbrowser compatible, therefore, customers can check your site using Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, whatever.

As we can see, modern WordPress themes for professionals allow you to highlight the skills and to spread a word about your services. Moreover, it is really easy to use these themes thanks to top-class features and tools. Therefore, we would recommend you to get one of these WordPress themes and to show your skills the whole world. Good luck!

By the way, how did you like the showcase? What theme is your favorite? We are always happy to hear from you, so, feel free to leave the comments in the section below.

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New WordPress free themes from TemplateMonster

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes for Running an Efficient Website for Nothing

Do you still believe that it is impossible to get something for nothing? Does your life credo sound: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch?” TemplateMonster will fundamentally change your belief because the company offers absolutely free yet quality products to run powerful websites. Along with that, for your attention, there is the list of the best WordPress themes for blogs for the paid option, that can be turned into full-featured and well-organized websites for all occasions – from the personal blog to corporate online platform.

Why You Should Use WordPress for Launching a Blog

WordPress started in 2003, is an open-source content management system that has stood the test of time. This CMS is extra flexible, well-supported, stable, and packed with advanced functionality and extensible features that enable developers or average users to create almost any website for their projects. With WordPress themes, it is possible to build a massive enterprise website that will serve a large client base and generate huge traffic.

If you are seeking a powerful, trustworthy and community-back platform for your enterprise website, WordPress stands above the rest. Alongside with an absolute dominance on the web and the largest developer community, this content management system boasts the easiest interface with sensible default settings and an incredibly customizable core. Moreover, it offers a drag and drop media filer uploading that allows integrating various contents with no effort. WP is constantly improving and always keeps up with the times going through regular updates.

Free or Premium: That is the Question

WordPress is a perfect choice whether you’re about to run your first or tenth website. In addition to all its indisputable benefits, there are tons of premium and free ready-to-use templates that can be easily transformed into personal blog or enterprise website. When you are on a tight budget, you can opt for free WordPress themes. If they cost nothing, don’t think that they are of poor quality. All free WP themes go through a strict review and are tested for compliance with standards. They are developing due to the latest web design requirements as well but can feature less functionality. However, depending on your site building purposes, a free theme packed with an ordinary set of options and plugins can meet your needs to the full. So, why to pay if you can use the theme for nothing.

Take a look at these newest, best WordPress themes that come with SEO optimized clean code, outstanding design and set of usable features enough to create a powerful website for all occasions. They look simple yet attractive that allows engaging and focusing visitors’ attention on your content.

Eye-Catching Bitunit Lite – Bitcoin Free WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

With stunning and well-thought Bitunit WordPress theme, running a fully-functional bitcoin buy and sell online platform is easy as pie. The template based on the latest CSS3 and HTM5 technologies allows easy and fast customization as well as convenient content management with Elementor Page builder. This product offers unlimited options for website personalization, and it can be adapted to any modern device with any screen size.

Minimalistic Monstroid 2 Lite – Free WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Monstroid 2 Lite has been crafted mainly for blogs and can be used for personal and corporate needs. The theme comes with an extremely modern design that features simplicity and outstanding interface. It includes numerous Google fonts, various color options, custom widgets and tons of handy elements needed for efficient customization.

Charming Iridescent – Wedding Album Lite Free


Iridescent is a solid and powerful framework for a creative portfolio. In addition to standard features, the template boasts attractive Parallax animation, engaging commenting system and a handy drop down cart. Visitors’ attention can be grabbed by full-screen background video.

Modern Looking MalcolmY – Personal Portfolio Lite Free for Freelance Designers

Details |  Demo

MalcolmY looks fascinating yet functions great. The template is packed with a rich set of incredible features like dropdown menu, social integration, sidebar manager and more that make site maintaining convenient and pleasing. With search engine friendly code, it is possible to reach high ranking as soon as possible.

Impeccable Talking Business – Free WordPress Theme for Conference

Details |  Demo

This well-documented and efficiently supported WordPress theme will come in handy those who seek for effective ways to tell the whole world about your conference. With handy and highly usable Power Page builder, the template allows effortless modifying layouts up to your needs. Various web forms (booking, newsletter subscription, contact, search) will engage visitors and make their experience more convenient.

Impressive FreeBook – Free One-Page WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

FreeBook is another responsive, adaptive and clean WordPress theme for personal and corporate needs. The theme is extensively compatible with all modern browsers along with all mobile devices and tablets. Powered by Cherry Framework 5, the template comes with a clean and valid code, pack of easy-customizable features and demo.

Stunning Calio – Therapy & Counselling WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

Calio will help you stand out from the crowd in the medicine niche. The theme comes with impressive yet minimalistic design, a rich set of impeccable features and useful elements including slider and carousel. In addition to intuitive web forms and social media integration, Calio is equipped with multilingual support allowing to spread your business worldwide.

Colorful Mia Ittalloni – Free WordPress Restaurant Theme

Details |  Demo

With Mia Ittalloni appearance and advanced functionality, your website will stand above the rest. The template looks tasty, impeccable, eye-catching and engaging so that ordinary visitors will easily be turned into regular clients. In addition to stunning background options and multiple web forms, the template come with an Appointment booking tool, advanced restaurant menu element and user registration possibility.

Polished Looking Catwalk – Fashion Modeling Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details |  Demo

This fully responsive, Retina-ready and clean coded WordPress theme can become impressive and efficient online business card for your model agency. With Cherry Projects and Live Customizer you have a great chance to implement any visual element as you want with no effort. Moreover, you will get numerous colors, custom widgets, web forms and social media integration.

Gorgeous Pilates Center – Free WordPress Theme for Sports, Fitness & Yoga

Details |  Demo

This free, attractive and full-featured solution for your sports center website is a wonderful foundation to start developing online presence. Its SEO-optimized, clean and valid code alongside with Cherry Framework 5 technology allows easy and fast installation and customization. The template is equipped with the latest, coziest and easiest elements like TM drag and drop Power page builder, Parallax scrolling animation and more.

When you seek for the simplicity, when you are after a flat and smooth design, attractive typography and a robust structure – then these clean free themes are what you need. They are not overwhelmed with unnecessary, extraordinary features but stay engaging and eye-catching. Their functionality and stuffing allow grabbing visitors’ attention to the top message of your site and pushing them to action as soon as possible.

If you doubt whether it is possible to make any of these themes rich-featured and well-organized, read our free eBook “Best Plugins for a New WordPress Site.” The book shows why to use one or another plugin for certain purposes. Turns out, the right chosen plugin will significantly enrich and improve your website appearance and navigation and make users’ experience more satisfying. With this software, the customization process will get a whole new level easy and fast.

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Internet Marketing

TemplateMonster’s Marketplace Welcomes Newcomers

Those people who have something to do with a web-design field probably have already heard about TemplateMonster – a place that provides people with myriads of digital products for a wide variety of purposes. A number of pre-made designs presented on the website are extremely impressive. A number of their downloads certainly look absolutely spectacular. A number of surprises that we’ve prepared for you will definitely daze everyone’s imagination, too. Have we already made you sit up and take notice? Then let’s continue our little journey…

Our collection of premium and high-quality of responsive WordPress designs and other templates for the most popular CMS platforms includes more than 60,000 items. In addition to this, it’s constantly updated which means that there won’t be a day when you open a website and don’t find something fresh and eye-catching (for example, you can take a glance at the collection fashion themes for WordPress which is constantly enriched with various sophisticated and trendy variants). Now it’s time to revert to the point from which we started from. It’s time to get back to the promised surprises. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re glad to announce that TemplateMonster has turned into a powerful digital marketplace!

TemplateMonster’s marketplace is a perfect place for those who only start their career as a web-designer. It means that amateur designers get a chance to earn their first money for their works. Furthermore, those people who have been familiar with a web-design for a long period of time also get a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money and, what is more, become even more well-known and respectable.

As you understand, we gladly welcome talented vendors from various corners of the world. So, if you don’t want to miss the boat, get on the board right now and get up to 70% commission from each sale of your digital products. Be sure that TemplateMonster’s marketplace is the best place to show your flair for a web-design!

Reasons to Become a Part of TemplateMonster’s Marketplace

To cut a long story short, our marketplace will definitely be profit-making and profitable for both beginners and those who have a lot of experience in a web-design field. This platform is the best chance to get together gifted specialists from all over the world in one single place. This platform is the best chance to capture the attention of web-design novices who only prepare to sweep everybody off their feet with their remarkable designs. Our digital marketplace is a place where you can win the recognition and make everyone know your name.

What Are Benefits that Already Waiting for Potential Vendors?


  • you get the opportunity to sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products using one single account (as distinguished from ThemeForest that asks for choosing only one type of the product);
  • your digital product will be reviewed within 12 hours – yet keep in mind that it will take a little bit longer (approximately from one to three days) to assess a more complex work (in comparison to it, ThemeForest examines web-designers works more than two weeks);
  • you can upload an unlimited number of products (by contrast with ThemeForest that has restrictions in this regard – it allows uploading only one product to one category at a time);
  • a “quick start” provides vendors with the opportunity to receive an impressive commission from each sale – as it was mentioned before, up to 70% for unique items;
  • our professional Review Team answers in a flash – all you need to do is get you a ticket and ask a question that bothers you;
  • Net15 payments are available.


What Should You Do to Join Our Digital Marketplace and Start Making Money?

In general, there are four key steps that you need to follow in order to become a part of TemplateMonster’s marketplace and then start earning money:

1. Fill in and sign an author application. On this step, you should choose what kinds of digital products you’re going to sell in the marketplace.

2. Get in touch with your personal manager. This very person is aware of all organizational issues. A personal manager knows everything about your being part of the marketplace. Therefore, he/she will provide you with all essential information regarding the submitted files and, what is more, give you more details about the ways to earn money selling your digital products.

3. Create your own product page. You should wait until your product web-page is ready. As soon as it’s designed, you will get a notification on your email.

4. Start selling and earning money for your works. Every month you will get money for the products which were sold in our digital marketplace.

How Can You Earn Money with Our Digital Marketplace?

All in all, the quality of your digital products defines your revenue. The highest prices can be set for the most high-quality products. In addition to this, the best products give you a strong chance to become a well-loved web-designer and, in such a way, get an impressive ranking among others. By the way, every customer can express their opinion about the chosen template in the comment section. Thus and so, your products receive positive or negative ratings which makes it easier for users to decide which one they should buy. All in all, if you want to get amazing earnings, you should certainly present first-rate items that would be like by various clients.

Furthermore, TemplateMonster is famous for its seasonal promo campaigns. In such a way, we give our loyal customers a great opportunity to buy templates at a bargain price. Yet vendors can decide for themselves whether they want their digital products to be sold at the regular price or with a discount.

Without a doubt, promotion is an incredible thing to reach a target audience. TemplateMonster helps new vendors to promote their products using its own methods and approaches. Anyway, you can use your personal website, various social networks, and blog to tell others about your works.

Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Products

As it was mentioned before, you can sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products on TemplateMonster’s marketplace. Generally, if you decide to sell non-exclusive products, you will get not more than 40% commission for each sale. Yet if you want to sell your products only on our website (and, thus, make them exclusive), your commission will constitute up to 70%.

What Types of Digital Products You Can Sell on TemplateMonster’s Marketplace?

Types of Products Sold on
All digital products submitted are given to a review team that has a keen eye for professional and modern web-designs. Don’t forget that your product should meet all of the requirements described in the “vendor agreement”.

Feel Free to Ask Your Personal Advisor

If you face some difficulties, you can easily get in touch with your personal advisor. This person will never leave you alone with any possible problem.

By the way, if you want to get a manual that consists of all necessary information about such additional aspects as reasons for your product being rejected or variants how to grow product sales with the help of multiple resources, click on the image above and download this amazing handbook.

Don’t hang around. Our digital marketplace is a perfect place to show your talent, win the recognition and, in addition to this, earn a great amount of money. Just join our marketplace family, submit your products and make money for them. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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Internet Marketing

Checklist To Help Businesses Pick The Befitting eCommerce Platform

Every business is constantly vying for the best spot in the market as competition intensifies. It is undeniable that this is a necessity for businesses to stay competitive in the market, much less survive. However, the process of identifying and implementing a suitable platform to benefit the business could prove daunting.

e-Commerce Platform
One of the dynamic marketing platforms for today is the e-Commerce platform. It is highly effective and efficient in providing the best of online shopping features for the convenience of web consumers, but the task of selecting and implementing could be challenging to many novice and inexperienced business owner or marketer.

There are many features that make up a dynamic online shopping site which a business may desire. This includes a wide spectrum of attractive and efficient options for e-Cart platforms which could be available free or paid as well as hosted or downloaded. Business owners and marketers may prefer generic e-Commerce platforms over customized for reasons of cost and speed as well as convenience. This would make the selection more challenging without the right understanding and professional assistance.

Wise business owners and marketers would indulge in expansive market research before venturing into e-Commerce and its dynamic offerings for their marketing activities which would prove worthy of their investment in the long run. It is crucial for companies to impress the market with a strong online presence that would win over targeted audiences effectively. This could boost sales and bottom lines for the business attractively to stay in pole positions in the market.

There is a checklist which business owners and marketers could tick off in selecting the best or most suitable e-Commerce platform.

1) Pricing
Every business is basically set up for profits. Hence, regardless of its size and industry, every company today whether it is an online or brick-mortar business, it is important for business owners and marketers to know what exactly they are paying for to boost business bottom lines. There are plenty of popular and flexible platforms which charge differently for their different range of services which include hosting plan, available features and back-end support with security and regular maintenance; companies need to know what services would be worth their investment where they agree to pay for the services to be rendered.

2) Integration Support
Another important consideration for a successful e-Commerce platform to benefit businesses is the proper integrations which require different plugins that provide the desired enhancements to make the store attractive and appealing. The store needs to be presented in a dynamic, multifaceted manner that would draw the preferred audiences to support its wares and services.
The wide range of potential integration tools and solutions in the market is highly useful to business owners to choose the best of plugins that would generate the ideal environment and presentation for promoting the brand or business. Hence, it is vital for business owners and webmasters to understand the concept and benefits of e-Commerce platforms to identify the right one for a successful implementation.

3) Scalability and Functionality
A business is expected to grow and expand over time; the faster the better. This is one of the objectives a business would list out to ensure that the online site created is capable of handling the expected volume of web users or customers per day. Capacity becomes a critical functionality in an e-Commerce store which must be considered purposefully by business owners and webmasters.

The market today offers many dynamic tools and platforms such as Magento, Shopify and ZenCart which are well designed to offer good scalability for any business, but functionality is another critical factor to be weighed carefully for a complete success in e-Commerce operations. It is important that the site permits an easy search according to the customers’ location.
The system should be intelligent enough to notify business operators on low stocks or prompt web users on unfinished purchases to be more efficient and effective. These features are very much part of system functionality where customers would enjoy their online experience every time.

3) SEO Friendly
Any e-Commerce business must have a dynamic SEO strategy that is effective to be productive. The business structure and functions must be properly designed and implemented professionally to capture the attention of top search engines to enjoy higher page rankings on the SERP listing.

Web consumers would find their desired information more quickly to return to the site for more in the future. Hence, every company needs a website that is SEO friendly to be an attractive marketing stop for targeted consumers. Such a platform is deemed a prerequisite for webmasters to create or edit worthy contents using optimized keywords and useful SEO friendly URLs that would captivate the attention of search algorithms. This includes the presence and proper manipulation of titles, sub-headers, image ALT tags and navigation links to position the site for higher rankings.

4) Payment Gateways
The advancement of digital technologies, today plays an instrumental role in e-Commerce marketing platforms today where business players must contemplate the precise and secure payment process for their customers. Although some platforms may not support a wide range of online payment options or even reputed third-party payment vendors such as PayPal, there would be an appropriate payment gateway which could be implemented to provide greater convenience for customers to prompt them on purchases instead of abandoning their cart.

Every online business today needs to include some form of dynamic and secure payment options that encourage more business transactions.

5) Mobile Responsiveness
The ever-increasing influence of mobiles for many online activities today is shifting the pattern of web usage where the e-Commerce platform must be mobile friendly and responsive. This has to come about to cater to the growing number of mobile users who are getting online through their mobile devices instead of desktops or laptops.

The growing group of mobile users in the market today is a high incentive for any business site to prepare its dynamic e-Commerce platform that is mobile responsive to win over more potential business leads for the company.

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TemplateMonster vs ThemeForest

No doubt, nowadays any business cannot survive without professional representation on the web. Luckily, having a top-notch website to promote your business or ideas is getting easier on a day-to-day basis. Now there is no need to apply to a professional designer to develop a custom website, particularly taking into consideration the price of the service. You can take advantage of ready-made templates to create a site of your dream. The question is where to find the template you need.

Luckily, there are many marketplaces for templates on the web, among which there are some worthy of note, like CodesterHubSpotThemeSnapThemeForest and TemplateMonster. The last two are big rivals in on the market and win most attention. Today we are going to find out what the difference between TemplateMonster and ThemeForest is.

TemplateMonster’s merits

TemplateMonster has rocketed as the leading marketplace for all sort of templates for websites quite recently. Initially, it was known as a manufacturer of website templates, but now it has expanded to a successful selling platform. TemplateMonster’s offers exceed anyone’s expectations due to the astonishing variety of templates. They fit any platform, including WooCommerce, Joomla, PowerPoint, Keynote, Shopify, Drupal, eBay and so on. The good news is that using this splendor anyone can create their own commercial website, an online store, a blog or a portfolio with an ease.

First, let’s work out what exactly makes it easy to create a website. Everything depends on a content managing system you choose. The best system for novices is WordPress. WordPress themesprovide a wide range of possibilities, are rich in handy widgets and multiple plugins, and can be easily modified to anybody’s needs. You only need to choose from variety of designs and apply changes to the initial look to make your website more noticeable.

You can change any template beyond recognition right from admin panel. You can upload your logo, photos, videos, and texts. The things you can change include color scheme, layouts, number of pages and sections, sidebars, buttons. In a word, you apply changes until the site suits your taste and needs. However, bear in mind that certain freedom of customization might cost more. TemplateMonster gives you the choice: either to buy a template that looks pretty standard and save the money, or buy more expensive version of the template and feel free customizing it. The latter option ensures joy of creation as well as individuality of the final outcome.


The overwhelming majority of all the themes have professional creative design and clean code, responsive design and are compatible with major browsers. The immense custom support deserves specific mention. TemplateMonster provides the work of agile 24/7 service center in case you have any troubles dealing with the theme you bought. This support is available as long as you run the website.

Take the gage of this distinguished Multipurpose WordPress Theme Monstroid2 to make sure it has impressive features mentioned above.

The web-templates are conveniently arranged in a gallery and have a demo-version for trial. Moreover, you can download a sample website template and check it for compatibility with any html editor. The gallery has all possible filters to make your search easier but for price. Unfortunately, you will need to find the sales and discounts on your own.

As for the price, TemplateMonster has some offers: you can but a single-license template that costs from $45 to $75 on average. However, the price rises the more additional features you include. A single-license template is suitable if you use it for one site or project only. In case you have several sites or projects, you will need to buy it again. The good news is that many TemplateMonster’s themes have a GPL license, which allows use on an unlimited number of websites. It’s really alluring but still even more expensive.

There is another unique opportunity to buy the exclusive rights on definite site. It guarantees that your website will be truly unique and no one else will use a source template. However, the price will be much higher.

Here is the short outcome of mentioned above:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Appealing price;
  • Wide variety of templates designs for different platforms;
  • TemplateMonster is the developer and vendor;
  • Different kinds of license;
  • Available trial version of a template;
  • 24/7 support center (life-long support);
  • Extra charge for additional customization features;
  • Lack of price-filter and inconvenient search of special offers;

ThemeForest’s benefits

ThemeForest is a grand marketplace designed for ready-made templates. It boasts more than 37,000 designs of all kinds of web-templates for MagentoVirtueMartWordPress and other various platforms. However, they are not developed by a single manufacturer. Anyone can sell their templates at this marketplace, and this is the point where you should scratch head over viability of purchasing a template there.

You have to browse through the works of thousands of different web developers. It’s the case when quantity doesn’t guarantee quality and too big choice becomes frustrating. Definitely, there are many great-quality sites on ThemeForest, but you will have to make some effort to find them. Luckily, a sortable gallery allows finding the cheapest offers and sales. You can sort the templates by popularity, features, categories and styles, which is extremely convenient. It’s possible to preview demo version of any theme before purchasing it, read the reviews, testaments and see the rates.

Another question is the lack of all-round support at ThemeForest market. The thing is, when the developer produces and sells a template, you have a duty holder to apply to in emergency.

Why is support so important?

Definitely, after purchasing a template you need to install and adjust it. In case you meet some troubles, you have to get in touch with developers. Unfortunately, ThemeForest only sells templates and isn’t helpful in that case. You need to find website developers yourself and contact them directly.

However, some templates at ThemeForest come with a fixed period (e.g. 6-month) of technical support from the developer. You have to pay extra money to extend the period of technical support. Like the templates created by TemplateMonster, the flat price of most themes doesn’t cover professional installation, hosting, speed optimization, etc. These services and extended licenses are subject to additional charge. Most templates at ThemeForest go with a single-use license.

The most attractive thing about ThemeForest is the price. You can find many templates for only $2. However, it looks like a gamble and if you don’t want to be deeply disappointed, we would recommend you to search among templates whose price vary between $28-65. And this is the point where ThemeForest wins a score.

Here is the outlet of mentioned above:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Competitive price;
  • Big variety of themes;
  • User-friendly search;
  • Community’s forums, blogs, FAQs
  • Absence of all-round support service;
  • Varying quality;
  • Extra pay for extended technical support, additional licensing and features;
  • Need to contact developers directly.

As you see, both marketplaces offer a great variety of web-templates. ThemeForest wins when budget is a factor. But TemplateMonster wins when it comes to immaculate quality and life-long support. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide what to hit for and we hope this comparison of characteristics of both marketplaces will be useful for you!

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Fast hosting for WordPress with malware scan included

Cloud hosting with daily malware scan included for shared and reseller accounts:

Managed WordPress hosting including:
free & automatic SSL certificates
solid state storage drives – SSD Hosting protected by Raid 10
LiteSpeed web server – meaning .htaccess files will work
One Click Installation Through cPanel
Nightly Backups With Point And Click Restore
Daily Malware Scanning With Automatic Removal
Hardened Operating System Specifically For WordPress (Security)
LiteSpeed WordPress Cache

Main LiteSpeed Benefits
Double the maximum capacity of Apache – The majority of “shared” web hosts still use Apache web server. LiteSpeed Web Server’s streamlined event-driven architecture, capable of handling thousands of concurrent clients with minimal memory consumption and CPU usage.
Added security – Continue using already familiar mod_security rules while also taking advantage of a host of built-in anti-DDoS features, such as bandwidth and connection throttling.
Reduce complexity – By eliminating the need for an HTTPS reverse proxy or additional 3rd party caching layers.

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Discounts for Microsoft Store

Direct link for sales in the Microsoft Store for United States or Australia

There will be deals for Surface, PC, Xbox, Accessories and own sales for students

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