Integrate AliExpress into Shopify

Shopify can send order information to AliExpress with a few clicks.

Each of the apps Oberlo and Expressfy lets you import products from AliExpress directly to your Shopify store.

Even reviews can be imported directly with Importify.

Find the top selling products here.

Shopify recommends to offer free shipping, but make sure to keep a 50% margin.

The good thing about dropshipping is that it’s the quickest way of finding out if a product will sell.

The not so good part is that returns often have to be handled by yourself.

Watch out for: Stripe not accepting dropshipping (search for drop shipping here https://stripe.com/us/prohibited-businesses )


What Is Shopify And Why Is It So Popular?

With the advanced technologies readily available to every business today, it is not surprising for business owners and marketers to seek out the best of business tools and solutions that would boost their brand presence and sales volumes. The emergence of e-commerce platforms like Shopify encourages more online retail businesses to sprout and flood the marketplace.
More and more businesses are quickly advancing to leverage on hosted e-commerce platforms such as Shopify to enjoy the best of well-designed and structured marketing environments that would boost business outcomes and bottom lines.

Popularity of Shopify
The market presence of Shopify in the past decade has seen the growing number of online entrepreneurs with all types of network business startups from all over the world. Many are deploying the best of technologies to boost their market position in the industry on the Internet.

Shopify is a dynamic e-commerce platform that offers many exciting features to boost online marketing that would generate more web traffic of targeted niche markets which could be converted into preferred business customers.

Online marketing could prove very costly without the proper cost-effective marketing tools and solutions which fit the business branding properly. High advertising costs could cripple a company or business quickly if the returns are slow or lacking. Hence, it is imperative for network business owners and marketers to identify the most affordable marketing tool or solution that would spike their sales and profits at the end of the day.

Every business is bound to incur costs, which eat into the profits or the bottom line of the company unless the returns are much higher. Shopify offers quality services that are reasonable in cost and affordable by business owners to keep their operating costs down. Other marketing platforms on the web tend to impose higher rates on different types of services, but Shopify offers lower rates that would allow maximum services that benefit the brand and business.

Every business is always acutely aware of the high profit margin to keep it viable in the market as the market competition intensifies. Some vibrant marketing tools may be too expensive for certain businesses to stay in the game for long.

Attractive Store Creation
A viable online store today must be visually attractive to be appealing so that the competition could be reduced. Most network businesses today require very little, if not any, face-to-face interaction; hence, the business website is the primary online store that serves to showcase the brand and business offers to potential business leads in drawing them to the company’s shores.

Even existing customers require a dynamic web business site to enjoy updates on their preferred business brand or offers. The availability of a well-designed and appealing online store could establish business customer loyalty. This is where an appealing and responsive website is essential to attract targeted niche markets while attracting others sitting on the fence.

However, there are many themes that would enhance the market presence of the business brand or company. A creative, customized website theme that fits the business needs and requirements is highly instrumental in building unique online stores that are impressionable and dynamic. Shopify offers this feature which could be leveraged on as an effective marketing strategy to draw more potential business leads to the web business site.

Dynamic Web Hosting
Modern online businesses today require stellar web hosting services which are useful in boosting market presence for the brand and company. However, the wrong choice of web hosting provider could bring frustrations with a waste of time and money.

Here, Shopify assures its customers of excellent hosting services with dedicated servers which are properly maintained to function dynamically for the best of marketing activities. Shopify ensures consistent stellar hosting services through its deployment of vibrant software with efficient payment gateways that pay for hosting and maintenance.

Built-in Marketing Tools
Vibrant marketing and advertising activities are a constant requirement for all online store owners and marketers who want their business to remain clearly visible in the market. There may be high costs incurred in the launching of dynamic marketing campaigns or marketing of products that may cut deep into the company cash flow.

Shopify comes in with sophisticated built-in marketing tools that are designed to move businesses forward without putting a hole in the pocket on start-up and operating costs. The e-commerce platform allows a proper inclusion of meta titles, meta description and page titles as well as unique URLs and manipulating the pages in various ways for a more dynamic marketing campaign.

Hence, business sites could be well optimized according to the specific terms and conditions of the company and business objectives. Shopify is well integrated with various popular social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This would encourage products and businesses to be promoted efficiently across the wide spectrum of potential business leads for more sales and profits.

Commendable Technical Support
Operating an online store requires certain technical support now and then. This is where Shopify can provide commendable technical support to ensure a continuous operation without the undesired glitches. The e-commerce platform offers exemplary 24/7 customer care with live chat services.

Moreover, the platform ensures a secure environment for the safe execution of business transactions and other online activities which web users may perform at anytime from anywhere. Shopify invests heavily in providing the best of technical support with strong security measures that are compliant to the web store rules and regulations.

Modern online businesses require sufficient cost-efficient and effective marketing platforms that are safe and secure to carry out their activities daily. It is wise to leverage on e-commerce platforms like Shopify that is renowned for its strong security level and highly dynamic marketing features to boost business sales and profits.

Businesses today would enjoy more web traffic as they execute their operations online via Shopify for the best of business outcomes at the end of the day. A simple or new business online startup could gain great marketing mileage when Shopify is included in the business marketing plans of the company.

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