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TemplateMonster’s Marketplace Welcomes Newcomers

Those people who have something to do with a web-design field probably have already heard about TemplateMonster – a place that provides people with myriads of digital products for a wide variety of purposes. A number of pre-made designs presented on the website are extremely impressive. A number of their downloads certainly look absolutely spectacular. A number of surprises that we’ve prepared for you will definitely daze everyone’s imagination, too. Have we already made you sit up and take notice? Then let’s continue our little journey…

Our collection of premium and high-quality of responsive WordPress designs and other templates for the most popular CMS platforms includes more than 60,000 items. In addition to this, it’s constantly updated which means that there won’t be a day when you open a website and don’t find something fresh and eye-catching (for example, you can take a glance at the collection fashion themes for WordPress which is constantly enriched with various sophisticated and trendy variants). Now it’s time to revert to the point from which we started from. It’s time to get back to the promised surprises. Ladies and gentlemen, we’re glad to announce that TemplateMonster has turned into a powerful digital marketplace!

TemplateMonster’s marketplace is a perfect place for those who only start their career as a web-designer. It means that amateur designers get a chance to earn their first money for their works. Furthermore, those people who have been familiar with a web-design for a long period of time also get a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money and, what is more, become even more well-known and respectable.

As you understand, we gladly welcome talented vendors from various corners of the world. So, if you don’t want to miss the boat, get on the board right now and get up to 70% commission from each sale of your digital products. Be sure that TemplateMonster’s marketplace is the best place to show your flair for a web-design!

Reasons to Become a Part of TemplateMonster’s Marketplace

To cut a long story short, our marketplace will definitely be profit-making and profitable for both beginners and those who have a lot of experience in a web-design field. This platform is the best chance to get together gifted specialists from all over the world in one single place. This platform is the best chance to capture the attention of web-design novices who only prepare to sweep everybody off their feet with their remarkable designs. Our digital marketplace is a place where you can win the recognition and make everyone know your name.

What Are Benefits that Already Waiting for Potential Vendors?


  • you get the opportunity to sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products using one single account (as distinguished from ThemeForest that asks for choosing only one type of the product);
  • your digital product will be reviewed within 12 hours – yet keep in mind that it will take a little bit longer (approximately from one to three days) to assess a more complex work (in comparison to it, ThemeForest examines web-designers works more than two weeks);
  • you can upload an unlimited number of products (by contrast with ThemeForest that has restrictions in this regard – it allows uploading only one product to one category at a time);
  • a “quick start” provides vendors with the opportunity to receive an impressive commission from each sale – as it was mentioned before, up to 70% for unique items;
  • our professional Review Team answers in a flash – all you need to do is get you a ticket and ask a question that bothers you;
  • Net15 payments are available.


What Should You Do to Join Our Digital Marketplace and Start Making Money?

In general, there are four key steps that you need to follow in order to become a part of TemplateMonster’s marketplace and then start earning money:

1. Fill in and sign an author application. On this step, you should choose what kinds of digital products you’re going to sell in the marketplace.

2. Get in touch with your personal manager. This very person is aware of all organizational issues. A personal manager knows everything about your being part of the marketplace. Therefore, he/she will provide you with all essential information regarding the submitted files and, what is more, give you more details about the ways to earn money selling your digital products.

3. Create your own product page. You should wait until your product web-page is ready. As soon as it’s designed, you will get a notification on your email.

4. Start selling and earning money for your works. Every month you will get money for the products which were sold in our digital marketplace.

How Can You Earn Money with Our Digital Marketplace?

All in all, the quality of your digital products defines your revenue. The highest prices can be set for the most high-quality products. In addition to this, the best products give you a strong chance to become a well-loved web-designer and, in such a way, get an impressive ranking among others. By the way, every customer can express their opinion about the chosen template in the comment section. Thus and so, your products receive positive or negative ratings which makes it easier for users to decide which one they should buy. All in all, if you want to get amazing earnings, you should certainly present first-rate items that would be like by various clients.

Furthermore, TemplateMonster is famous for its seasonal promo campaigns. In such a way, we give our loyal customers a great opportunity to buy templates at a bargain price. Yet vendors can decide for themselves whether they want their digital products to be sold at the regular price or with a discount.

Without a doubt, promotion is an incredible thing to reach a target audience. TemplateMonster helps new vendors to promote their products using its own methods and approaches. Anyway, you can use your personal website, various social networks, and blog to tell others about your works.

Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Products

As it was mentioned before, you can sell both exclusive and non-exclusive products on TemplateMonster’s marketplace. Generally, if you decide to sell non-exclusive products, you will get not more than 40% commission for each sale. Yet if you want to sell your products only on our website (and, thus, make them exclusive), your commission will constitute up to 70%.

What Types of Digital Products You Can Sell on TemplateMonster’s Marketplace?

Types of Products Sold on
All digital products submitted are given to a review team that has a keen eye for professional and modern web-designs. Don’t forget that your product should meet all of the requirements described in the “vendor agreement”.

Feel Free to Ask Your Personal Advisor

If you face some difficulties, you can easily get in touch with your personal advisor. This person will never leave you alone with any possible problem.

By the way, if you want to get a manual that consists of all necessary information about such additional aspects as reasons for your product being rejected or variants how to grow product sales with the help of multiple resources, click on the image above and download this amazing handbook.

Don’t hang around. Our digital marketplace is a perfect place to show your talent, win the recognition and, in addition to this, earn a great amount of money. Just join our marketplace family, submit your products and make money for them. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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