Top 7 WordPress Website Design Trends That Will Accelerate In 2017

WordPress has been a highly popular marketing tool since its inception in 2003. A host of delightful components was introduced to have WordPress positioned as a preferred blogging platform that is instrumental in successful online marketing for modern businesses. WordPress offers continuous updates of its vibrant online features with the introduction of dynamic themes, libraries and plugins which form powerful blogging and marketing tools for bloggers and businesses.

This sophisticated blogging tool quickly embraces the latest technologies such as mobile technology to position itself as a market leader in mobile responsiveness through evolving features. WordPress has proven itself as a powerful content management system platform that is currently leveraged by millions of websites and web users.

WordPress Design Trends
2017 holds many exciting new developments for network businesses that could leverage on the best of the offerings from WordPress. This would be notable in updated website design trends which would be readily seen in the marketplace.

Trend 1 – Mobile Responsive
With the dynamic progression of mobile technology, it is expected that the mobile device would take a prominent position in the marketplace as a primary business and social device where a host of business transactions would happen in massive volumes and social interactions would be rampant besides large volumes of online searches occurring every minute.

Websites of every kind from business to personal would undergo various developments that adapt to current technologies such as mobile technology. These websites need to be optimized for mobile environments with better designs that are attractive and appealing to win more potential business customers.

Such mobile designs would also provide a better online user experience for those searching relevant information on the web. This refers to proper displays of contents on the smaller screens for better viewing that would prompt apt purchase decisions. It is expected that mobile responsive designs on websites are likely to become a de-facto standard in 2017 as more mobile users get online from their mobile devices instead of using bulky computers or laptops.

Trend 2 – Demographics Specific
2017 businesses are targeting specific niche markets with preferred audiences that would favor their brands and product offerings. This could be stemmed from the increasing market competition, which causes hardship on many businesses regardless the size or industry. Survival in the intense market requires a specific marketing plan that is viable to be successful. This involves identifying the right potential business leads for a higher success rate with any marketing strategy implemented in a marketing campaign.

This would have websites adopting appealing designs that adapt to the identified potential business leads’ preferences to entice that marketing crowd to the business shores. Such personalization is powerful in winning over targeted users as potential business customers. 2017 would see businesses referring to preferred demographics for their market survival and growth.

Hence, modern websites would be customized according to specific demographics’ expectations in an automated fashion with user friendly navigation menus and appealing fonts and colors.

Trend 3 – Video Inclusions
Videos, inspiring pictures and appealing images are likely to take a higher priority in marketing strategies where websites would display these frequently to captivate targeted niche audiences. More and more web consumers prefer visuals over text in understanding contents.

More web traffic would be driven to the website via videos or images that impact web viewers compared to text. Videos with captivating headers would be more favorable in having the contents opened and read with a potential purchase decision made as these could evoke curiosity and interest towards the business, brand or author. This is not difficult with the myriad of dynamic tools available.

Trend 4 – Dynamics of Parallax
The application of parallax is going to be more prominent in 2017 with 3D illusions that would create more interest among targeted consumers. This feature would generate the background to move at a slower speed compared to the foreground for a better online effect.

WordPress is one of the market leaders in engaging the parallax effect on websites where site navigation would be more interesting to captivate audiences.

Trend 5 – Stunning Designs on Cards
Relevant website improvement tools like cards that segregate website contents into multiple components for easier navigation are likely to grow in popularity as mobile technology dominates the market. This feature application works well on mobile devices that continue to be more sophisticated in design and functionality with contents being more manageable.

2017 is likely to encourage more experimentations of the card-based UI where more creative options would be made available for enhancing the website and its contents that would be more attractive and appealing. Web readers would be stunned with amazing new website design and layouts that would entice them into further explorations of the web contents.

Trend 6 – Improved Typography
Typography is another area for improvement in 2017 where the best fonts must be carefully selected and displayed creatively to capture viewer attention. WordPress and other blogging platforms in the market are proactive in ensuring excellent textual representations that would present contents attractively.

Trend 7 – Fizzling Off Flat Colors
The flat design used to be very popular, but would take a back seat as new technologies bring in new features and trends. It is foreseeable that new design elements and shadows would come on quickly in 2017 with interesting overlaps to improve website designs.

The cards technique via newer technologies is a potential market trend for websites this year as market competition increases.

As the popularity of WordPress continues to spike without a breather, 2017 would move forward with a strong support to the momentum which the blogging platform giant is poised to take on. Old website designing trends would be sidelined to have new designs emerge in order for businesses to stay relevant and attractive in the marketplace.

Such marketing issues are constantly in the mind of business owners and marketers who must switch over to the latest tools and solutions in conjunction with the latest market trends and consumer demands. This means that websites must continually improve their designs to be visually appealing with dynamic navigation features.

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