TemplateMonster vs ThemeForest

No doubt, nowadays any business cannot survive without professional representation on the web. Luckily, having a top-notch website to promote your business or ideas is getting easier on a day-to-day basis. Now there is no need to apply to a professional designer to develop a custom website, particularly taking into consideration the price of the service. You can take advantage of ready-made templates to create a site of your dream. The question is where to find the template you need.

Luckily, there are many marketplaces for templates on the web, among which there are some worthy of note, like CodesterHubSpotThemeSnapThemeForest and TemplateMonster. The last two are big rivals in on the market and win most attention. Today we are going to find out what the difference between TemplateMonster and ThemeForest is.

TemplateMonster’s merits

TemplateMonster has rocketed as the leading marketplace for all sort of templates for websites quite recently. Initially, it was known as a manufacturer of website templates, but now it has expanded to a successful selling platform. TemplateMonster’s offers exceed anyone’s expectations due to the astonishing variety of templates. They fit any platform, including WooCommerce, Joomla, PowerPoint, Keynote, Shopify, Drupal, eBay and so on. The good news is that using this splendor anyone can create their own commercial website, an online store, a blog or a portfolio with an ease.

First, let’s work out what exactly makes it easy to create a website. Everything depends on a content managing system you choose. The best system for novices is WordPress. WordPress themesprovide a wide range of possibilities, are rich in handy widgets and multiple plugins, and can be easily modified to anybody’s needs. You only need to choose from variety of designs and apply changes to the initial look to make your website more noticeable.

You can change any template beyond recognition right from admin panel. You can upload your logo, photos, videos, and texts. The things you can change include color scheme, layouts, number of pages and sections, sidebars, buttons. In a word, you apply changes until the site suits your taste and needs. However, bear in mind that certain freedom of customization might cost more. TemplateMonster gives you the choice: either to buy a template that looks pretty standard and save the money, or buy more expensive version of the template and feel free customizing it. The latter option ensures joy of creation as well as individuality of the final outcome.


The overwhelming majority of all the themes have professional creative design and clean code, responsive design and are compatible with major browsers. The immense custom support deserves specific mention. TemplateMonster provides the work of agile 24/7 service center in case you have any troubles dealing with the theme you bought. This support is available as long as you run the website.

Take the gage of this distinguished Multipurpose WordPress Theme Monstroid2 to make sure it has impressive features mentioned above.

The web-templates are conveniently arranged in a gallery and have a demo-version for trial. Moreover, you can download a sample website template and check it for compatibility with any html editor. The gallery has all possible filters to make your search easier but for price. Unfortunately, you will need to find the sales and discounts on your own.

As for the price, TemplateMonster has some offers: you can but a single-license template that costs from $45 to $75 on average. However, the price rises the more additional features you include. A single-license template is suitable if you use it for one site or project only. In case you have several sites or projects, you will need to buy it again. The good news is that many TemplateMonster’s themes have a GPL license, which allows use on an unlimited number of websites. It’s really alluring but still even more expensive.

There is another unique opportunity to buy the exclusive rights on definite site. It guarantees that your website will be truly unique and no one else will use a source template. However, the price will be much higher.

Here is the short outcome of mentioned above:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Appealing price;
  • Wide variety of templates designs for different platforms;
  • TemplateMonster is the developer and vendor;
  • Different kinds of license;
  • Available trial version of a template;
  • 24/7 support center (life-long support);
  • Extra charge for additional customization features;
  • Lack of price-filter and inconvenient search of special offers;

ThemeForest’s benefits

ThemeForest is a grand marketplace designed for ready-made templates. It boasts more than 37,000 designs of all kinds of web-templates for MagentoVirtueMartWordPress and other various platforms. However, they are not developed by a single manufacturer. Anyone can sell their templates at this marketplace, and this is the point where you should scratch head over viability of purchasing a template there.

You have to browse through the works of thousands of different web developers. It’s the case when quantity doesn’t guarantee quality and too big choice becomes frustrating. Definitely, there are many great-quality sites on ThemeForest, but you will have to make some effort to find them. Luckily, a sortable gallery allows finding the cheapest offers and sales. You can sort the templates by popularity, features, categories and styles, which is extremely convenient. It’s possible to preview demo version of any theme before purchasing it, read the reviews, testaments and see the rates.

Another question is the lack of all-round support at ThemeForest market. The thing is, when the developer produces and sells a template, you have a duty holder to apply to in emergency.

Why is support so important?

Definitely, after purchasing a template you need to install and adjust it. In case you meet some troubles, you have to get in touch with developers. Unfortunately, ThemeForest only sells templates and isn’t helpful in that case. You need to find website developers yourself and contact them directly.

However, some templates at ThemeForest come with a fixed period (e.g. 6-month) of technical support from the developer. You have to pay extra money to extend the period of technical support. Like the templates created by TemplateMonster, the flat price of most themes doesn’t cover professional installation, hosting, speed optimization, etc. These services and extended licenses are subject to additional charge. Most templates at ThemeForest go with a single-use license.

The most attractive thing about ThemeForest is the price. You can find many templates for only $2. However, it looks like a gamble and if you don’t want to be deeply disappointed, we would recommend you to search among templates whose price vary between $28-65. And this is the point where ThemeForest wins a score.

Here is the outlet of mentioned above:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Competitive price;
  • Big variety of themes;
  • User-friendly search;
  • Community’s forums, blogs, FAQs
  • Absence of all-round support service;
  • Varying quality;
  • Extra pay for extended technical support, additional licensing and features;
  • Need to contact developers directly.

As you see, both marketplaces offer a great variety of web-templates. ThemeForest wins when budget is a factor. But TemplateMonster wins when it comes to immaculate quality and life-long support. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide what to hit for and we hope this comparison of characteristics of both marketplaces will be useful for you!

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